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Hugsters are bearing up / Arts & Weekend / Living
By Lauris Morgan-Griffiths
Published: July 1 2006 03:00

“Toys that were played with, loved and eventually abandoned have proved for some time to be highly collectible. Die-cast items have always had their fans; Dinky toys have been solid performers – prices rose by 18 per cent last year – but Corgis are nudging forward. In immaculate condition and in its original box, a 1965 gold James Bond car could fetch 150 pounds, a later silver Bond car 200-250 pounds.

Even the doll market is hardening again after the Japanese bowed out in the 1990s. Ostensibly collected by older women, now younger women and fashionistas are entering the market and picking up Barbie dolls: sophisticated and fashionable in their Dior or Jackie Onassis suits. A pristine outfit could go for 500-800 pounds.”