Last Updated on 1/27/2005 by bidz

Art not always the wisest investment

It can pay huge rewards, but chances are slim.
Only true experts should consider buying collectibles.

“Unpredictable returns from stock and mutual fund portfolios often bring thoughts of diversification.
Watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow, where one lucky soul watches his $5 investment in an old porcelain dish appraised at more than $500, might bring a whole new approach to financial management.
Why not invest in collectibles instead of boring financial instruments?
In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that the coin index – the CU3000 Rare Coin Index – had outpaced the S&P over the past three years. The same month, the New York Times reported that art had outpaced the S&P from 1953 to 2003.
But don’t rush out and liquidate your financial instruments portfolio just yet.”

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