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Now here’s an interesting article on an area I hadn’t even thought about – collecting old microprocessors. Apparently there is a collecting community looking for old chips, and given that most of them have been scrapped. melted down or sent to the junkyard, it’s something to consider. If there’s a collector, there’s a demand….

…and keep an eye out for any microprocessor from Rise Technology.

Collectors loath to say goodbye, old chips

Yahoo! News
By Dean Takahashi
Mercury News Mon Sep 19

“David Pienknagura recently paid $350 for an Intel microprocessor, and he’s not even sure if it works. Whether he got a bargain depends on your perspective.

He bought the computer chip — the Intel 4004, the first microprocessor the company debuted in 1971 — on eBay from another collector.

…Prices on some recent 4004 chip auctions have ranged from $212 to $520. Each 4004 chip for sale on eBay generates about 15 bids, including some from Japan, South Korea, Germany, Australia and Britain.”

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