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Baby boomers snatch up fighter planes of dad’s era

By Martin Zimmerman
June 30, 2008

“MURRIETA – In the world of warbird collecting, Glacier Girl was a rare prize.

The World War II-era P-38 fighter made an emergency landing on a Greenland ice cap in July 1942 while on a flight from Maine to England. The aircraft eventually was buried under a layer of ice and snow more than 200 feet thick.

In 1992, Glacier Girl was excavated and later restored to flying condition – one of a handful of airworthy P-38s known to exist.

After eight months of negotiating, Brown bought Glacier Girl for an undisclosed sum and then sold the P-38 to a Texas oilman for close to $7 million.

…Collecting World War II aircraft has boomed in recent years as wealthy, nostalgic baby boomers seek to own a piece of their parents’ wartime experience.”

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