Last Updated on 9/7/2008 by bidz

We were probably one of the last people on the planet to see “The Dark Knight”, but we finally went down to the local IMAX on Friday and caught the afternoon matinee.

There’s no question that it was a cinematic tour de force, but at the risk of bringing on the ire of the hardcore fans, we (I) was a little disappointed with the screenplay, as there were some moments that tested the limits of my withholding of incredulity.

That being said, there is no doubt that the late Heath Ledger pulled off on of the most chilling performances I’ve ever seen. When we saw the following figure from Entertainment Earth depicting the Joker in the opening sequence, we (I) knew we had to order one:

Batman: Dark Knight 1:6 Scale Bank Robber Joker Figure

Batman: Dark Knight 1:6 Scale Bank Robber Joker Figure

  • “Who’s going to kill the bus driver?”
  • Incredibly detailed. Amazing accessories.
  • Get on board with this!

“Who’s going to kill the bus driver?” Dumb question! From The Dark Knight, this incredibly detailed figure of the Joker really brings that ruthless scene from the film to life in your living room. He stands about 12-inches tall and features a disquietingly lifelike image of Heath Ledger, along with a surprising assortment of accessories and real cloth clothing. Get on board with this amazing collector’s piece if you dare!