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Dodge Magnum: Get it while you can

David Grainger, Windsor Star
Published: Monday, March 17, 2008

“By now, it is no secret that the new masters of Chrysler – with Bob Nardelli, its hand-picked CEO (formerly of Home Depot) – have decided to dump several models. Among these is the unusual and rather clever Magnum.

That is both a mistake and an opportunity.

…While Chrysler is losing both a lot of money and a brilliant vehicle in the Magnum, the public has been presented with an opportunity. The Magnum, especially the SRT8 version, will become a collector’s item. There is nothing like the production cancellation of a brilliant design to foster a future collectible that will have real and significant value.”

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The author also goes on to mention the Plymouth Prowler, the Chevy SSR pickup and the last Ford Thunderbird.