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EigoManga Publications Are Certified Collectibles

Anime News Network – Press Release
Announced on 2005-06-14 07:23
San Francisco, CA

“eigoMANGA Ltd. has learned that according to the Comics Guaranty Corporation, the comic book value of eigoMANGA RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2 experienced a sharp value rise since its initial release in February of 2004. RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2 are currently valued at $24.75; the comic books were originally valued at $4.95.

‘It’s nice to know our comics are worth that much on an industry level.’ states Austin Osueke, CEO of eigoMANGA Ltd. and publisher of RUMBLE PAK. ‘It’s not a new thing; comic book investing and collecting has been around for ages but I like the fact that the price for RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2 climbed very high in such a short time when it takes other comic books years if not decades to reach that value price. This is truly extraordinary’.”

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