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The following press release highlights a record price for a recently published book:

Paperback Book Sells on eBay for $9,050, Reports Researcher Elaine Krieg Smith

“First edition “Eragon” by Christopher Paolini reaches record auction price as fans anticipate release of the movie this December.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) July 9, 2006 — Elaine Krieg Smith, eBay researcher, reports a signed, first edition of “Eragon” is this year’s highest selling children’s book.

Second and third on her list of eBay’s top-selling children’s books for 2006 are two nineteenth century books: an 1899 first edition of “Little Black Sambo” by Helen Bannerman ($8,988) and an 1895 book of humorous poems about animals by Fred E. Weatherly, “Our Dear Relations” ($8,800).

“It is highly unusual to see a paperback book or a recently published book so high on this list,” Smith said.

Christopher Paolini, the homeschooler who wrote Eragon at fifteen, really connects with his audience. According to the author notes on the official Eragon site,, “The story of Eragon began as the daydreams of a teen.”

Paolini’s family self-published the book and spent a year promoting it across the U.S. in schools and libraries. It is the self-published edition that brings the highest price. The current edition of Eragon was edited by the publisher, Alfred A Knopf, and is about 20,000 words shorter.

Smith received visits to her blog from Eragon fan club members in France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, Germany, India, Malaysia, Switzerland and Finland after publishing “Top Ten Children’s Books Sold on eBay – June 2006.” “This really got my attention,” Smith said. “I often get visits from other English speaking countries, but this is a first. I had no idea of the widespread popularity of this book.”

“With the movie coming out this year and the third book in the trilogy still to come, I believe interest in this title has not yet peaked,” Smith said. “I’m advising all booksellers to search for first editions of Paolini’s books. They can only become more valuable.”

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