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Wow, now here’s an interesting one – they’re calling them DNA cards, and since these ones actually have a supposedly authentic strand of George Washington’s hair, we suppose you could clone a dead President (if you have an advanced Bio lab).

One of the cards was up on eBay in the baseball category, but was pulled after a member complained that that “George Washington cannot have a baseball card”. And now that we’ve done a search, the owner indicates that it’s actually been listed twice.

It’s back on the block again, this time listed under Collectibles > Historical Memorabilia > Other Historical Items, and of this writing is sitting with 23 bids at US $4,540.00.

Washington Shed Here: A Collectible

New York Times
Published: September 5, 2007

“Finding a strange hair in a plate of spaghetti: bad. Finding a strand of George Washington’s hair in a pack of baseball cards: good.

Among cards picturing third basemen and center fielders, the Topps Company, the maker of baseball trading cards and Bazooka bubble gum, inserted three George Washington “relic” cards, each with a strand of hair from the first president. Topps obtained the strands from the world’s pre-eminent historical hair collector (yes, there is such a thing), John Reznikoff.”

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