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From comes the following story on vintage toys:

Another day, another dollar (especially if you buy and sell collectibles at internet auction). This summer, consider dipping into your vintage porky piggy bank to buy some vintage toys. Think of these toys as potentially good investments – sort of like stocks, except you can play with them.

Due to the Recession, many great vintage toys can be had for a song (or much less than what they were selling for last year). Many of the good-selling old toys, listed below, were junked or donated long ago by Mom or Grandma, as the case may be, with the result, demand today pretty much e…

Read the Full Story here: Making Money on Hot Collectibles: Vintage Toys

The author lists his/her top ten (well actually eight) as:
(Links are live eBay Auctions)
1. 1950s Japanese metal (tin) toys
2. 1950s Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger items and vintage Western TV Show and Movie toys
3. Smurf figures and play-sets
4. 1972 Kenner Blythe doll
5. Snoopy, Peanuts Gang and Disney collectibles
6. Michael Jackson items
6. TV show related items (50s to 70s)
7. Fisher Price toys