Last Updated on 12/10/2007 by bidz

Intel reveals specs for first ever chip

Infomatics tells us that Intel has release the specifications for its first ever microprocessor, the 4004.

“The 4004 chips are now highly collectable and can change hands for up to $1,000. Most valuable are the original white and gold chips and those without dates printed on the casing, indicating that they were among the first batches.”

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The story relates that the chip was originally developed for the Nippon Calculating Machine Corporation for use in calculators, who sold the rights to the chip’s design to Intel in exchange for a lower price per unit in the manufacturing.

We went to eBay to check some current prices, and noticed a “4004 INTEL CPU ULTRA RARE GOLD INTEL 4004 NOS” currently had 13 bids and was sitting at $305.00 US with 2 days to go.