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Japanese cars are greatly ignored, and that’s too bad

Look East, young collector
October 15, 2007

“So what about Japanese collector cars?

Collectors and car buffs concentrate on European and American cars, especially U.S. muscle cars during the past few years. All those autos are treasured for their beauty, rarity, power, nostalgic appeal, unique character and potential for monetary gain.

It’s rare to find Japanese cars at collector car auctions, and they draw few bidders because hardly any are considered collectible. That’s a shame, because some are quite good…”

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The writer goes on to list what he considers Japanese cars worth considering as collectibles. (Most prices are from the Collectible Vehicle Value Guide and are for cars in top, original condition.):

– 1970-73 DATSUN (NOW NISSAN) 240Z ($14,500-$14,900)
– 1990-99 MAZDA MX-5 MIATA ($5,000-$10,550)
– 1992 MITSUBISHI GALANT VR-4 ($3,974)
– 1967-70 DATSUN 2000 ($9,650)
– 1995-96 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR-4 SPYDER ($14,850-$16,550)
– 1988-95 TOYOTA SUPERCHARGED MR-2 ($6,450-$12,775)
– 1979-85 MAZDA RX-7 ($4,650-$4,925)
– 1993-95 MAZDA RX-7 ($12,875-$15,125)
– 1987 ISUZU IMPULSE RS TURBO ($1,650)
– 1997-98 ACURA INTEGRA TYPE R ($12,750-$14,475)

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