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Bargain hunt for kitchen kitsch

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Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007

“Hoosier cabinets, butter churns and ice chests are perennial favorites with kitchen-antiques lovers.

But some of today’s hottest culinary collectibles — especially for those with less space (and cash) — lean to whimsy and nostalgia, such as red-handled egg beaters, polka-dot mixing bowls and cutting boards shaped like pigs and rabbits.

… As ubiquitous as eBay has become, it’s not the first place antiques experts send kitchen collectors, especially those just starting. The neighbor’s yard sale is a better bet for bargains.

A highly collectible Fire King Jadeite bowl, for example, might sell for a dollar at a yard sale if someone’s only goal is to clean out Grandma’s house. But the same bowl would likely fetch $40 at an online site targeted at collectors.”

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