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Apparently, Elmo isn’t the only hot toy that is going to be tough to find this Christmas. Looks like workforce cutbacks at Lego left them unprepared for the upcoming demand:

Lego running out of toys for Christmas?

Oct. 31, 2006
Associated Press

“Lego says it’s running out of toys for Christmas

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Children hoping to get Lego toys for Christmas may be in for a disappointment.

The Danish toy maker is having a hard time keeping up with demand for its popular plastic building blocks as toy stores stack their inventories for the Christmas season, a company official said today.

“Many of our most popular products are sold out,” Lego spokeswoman Charlotte Simonsen said.”

The lines that are most affected are Duplo bricks and boxes with Lego City, Star Wars and Lego Technik sets.

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