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Great article on the ins and outs of online bookselling:

A Success Story: Step-by-Step Online Bookseller Guide
November 19, 2007

“Since the invention of movable type the sale of new, used and rare books has been a large, steady worldwide market. The sheer love of books has segued many from collectors into dealers, the ‘prestige’ of dealing in a respected product has compelled others into the trade, as have the mathematics: few collectible commodities can be as readily found as books.

…Years ago, the most common way booksellers discovered they had under-priced a book was to list the title in a catalog or industry magazine and receive 10 orders for the book within a day. Now, thanks to Internet book-listing services, meta-site search engines and auctions, all that has changed.; today there is a transparency to book pricing that allows virtually anyone — retirees, ‘once-cent wonder’ types and the semi-literate — to become booksellers.”

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