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Rare Order of Canada medal up for grabs on eBay
Updated Sat. Dec. 30 2006
Canadian Press

“TORONTO — A click of the mouse and deep pockets are all that’s separating online bidders from a chance to own a rare piece of Canadian history that ranks among the country’s most prestigious honours: one of the earliest Order of Canada medals.

The medal, awarded to noted Quebec historian Gustave Lanctot nearly 40 years ago, surfaced eight days ago on eBay. Lanctot died in 1975.

…But it is the engraving of the word “service” which reveals the rarity of the decades-old medal.

Lanctot was awarded the Order of Canada’s medal of service just five days after the order was established on July 1, 1967. ”

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We tried to find this auction on eBay, but it looks like it might have been pulled. We are currently trying to contact the auction lister to see what the status is.