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Original Comic Art Marketplace Strong

Industry News, Scoop, Friday, July 22, 2005

“The market for original comic art is getting stronger by the day. What is especially invigorating is that collectors are starting to appreciate the work of artists who sometimes seem to be overlooked when talking about the greats.

‘We have watched original art sales on eBay rise for several years now,’ said Mark Squirek, the Comic and Art Auction Manager for Diamond International Galleries. ‘As I talk to the collectors, I find that many of them are purchasing for the love of the art.”

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“Heritage Comics Auctions (HCA) will offer one of the most significant pages of original art ever held in private hands, the landmark last page of the very first Sub-Mariner story from Marvel Comics #1.

“It’s a thrill just to hold this page in my hands,” said Ed Jaster, Director of Acquisitions for HCA. “The Sub-Mariner was originally introduced to a waiting world, by legendary creator Bill Everett, in the first (and only) issue of Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, issued in 1939. Originally intended for distribution through movie theaters, the idea never caught on, and the book never received any kind of real distribution. Consequently, only a handful of copies exist today. When publisher Martin Goodman was looking for material for his first entry into the nascent field of comic books, he bought this strip and republished it, with four pages added at the end, in Marvel Comics #1, a book that became the cornerstone of the Timely, and later Marvel, empire. This is one of the pages created specifically for publication in Marvel Comics #1.”

Bidding begins on or shortly after Apr 29, 2005.

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