We came across this story on AuctionBytes.com:

eBay Data Helps Power New Pricing Tool from GoAntiques

By Ina Steiner
April 28, 2005

“GoAntiques launched an online pricing tool called PriceMiner that includes listing results from GoAntiques.com, eBay and TIAS.com. The company said by simply keying in attributes of the item you wish to buy, sell or value, PriceMiner performs a search through millions of prices and presents historical pricing information for the same or similar items. In addition, the service analyzes the data for users. The tools is geared toward antiques buyers, sellers and appraisers.”

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Well , we had to go check this one out. Having tried the services from Andale, SmartCollector, and the like, we were immediately impressed with the data that PriceMiner provides.

From their website:

“PriceMiner is the most comprehensive pricing tool in the world, containing data from eBay, GoAntiques and TIAS. Combining millions of prices realized from eBay with those from the leading sites for Art, Antiques and Collectibles gives you unprecedented power at your fingertips…”

We strongly encourage you to check it out at PriceMiner.com >>