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I t was eBay’s 10th anniversary last week – hard to believe that they (and the Internet) haven’t always been around. See, you can make billions of dollars in only 10 years:

EBay Losing Allure for Some Entrepreneurs

Monday, June 27, 2005
by Rachel Konrad

“With roughly 150 million registered users, eBay Inc. ranks among the world’s most powerful companies, online or otherwise. It had more than 1.4 billion items listed last year. For every $100 spent online worldwide, $14 was spent on eBay. But some say eBay’s blockbuster growth has engendered arrogance.

…But eBay’s contrition may be too late. Salt Lake City-based launched an auction site eight months ago that addresses complaints from eBay sellers partly by charging roughly one-third of eBay’s listing and transaction fees. It has 225,000 listings, from tractors to sneakers.

Holly MacDonald-Korth, senior vice president of Overstock auctions, takes calls directly from sellers. By contrast, eBay only stopped sending automated e-mail responses to sellers in February.”

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