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There’s a strange title on this article, but Harry Rinker list his top five influences on the field of collectibles, as his 20th anniversary of “Rinker on Collectibles” approaches:

The Morning Call

December 26, 2006

”Rinker on Collectibles” will soon celebrate its 20th birthday. Since I love cliches, you will just have to forgive me for stating that ”it’s been a long time coming.”

As the anniversary approaches, I wanted to share my list of the most significant changes that have occurred in the collecting community during that period. Here are the top five, in order of least to most important.”

Rinker goes on to mention:
– The Information Explosion
– The Globalization of Collecting
– eBay
– Collectibles Acheive a Life of Their Own
– Demographics

It’s demographics that he feels is most important, as “The changing demographics of the last two decades top my list of events that produced the greatest change in the antiques and collectibles field. Demographics have a direct impact on what and how we collect.”

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