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OK, just a teaser (more to follow):

Own a piece of rock history – think about “Almost Famous” – one of the most unique collections of interviews with all the guitar legends from the past 30 years. 1000 plus hours of interviews from a seasoned music journalist, Steven Rosen.

“Steven Rosen is a professional music journalist with a career spanning twenty-five years. During this period he has published well over 700 articles appearing in major periodicals originating from around the globe, everywhere from the United States and Canada to Japan, Germany, France, England, Australia, and even Kathmandu. Amongst the publications Rosen’s work has appeared in are Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, Playboy, Musician, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Musician, US, Creem, Circus, Player, Total Guitar, and a myriad of others.

…His main focus has been on organizing his incredibly extensive and rare collection of audio interviews he’s been conducting for the past 30+ years. For the first time since he began working as a music journalist, he has opened up these archives and allowed his work to be licensed for specific DVD/radio projects. He is seriously thinking about making available for sale, this entire collection (representing well over 1,000 hours of content with hundreds and hundreds of classic rock’s most engaging characters). The sale will probably take the form of an auction conducted by one of the highly respected auction houses in the country, people who deal in rare collectible rock memorabilia and understand how to market such a unique and rare archive.”

….stay tuned.