San Antonio Toy Club

New old toys for big boys
Amanda Reimherr
Express-News Staff Writer

“Arthur Flores still loves toys – and he’s 78.

Flores is the president and co-founder of the San Antonio Toy Club. The 21-year-old club’s members gather informally once a month to discuss toys from all over the world, hold a show-and-tell and conduct a mini-auction of items that members have brought with them.

“Some modern toys are very valuable,” he added. “If you have a 1972 McDonald’s Cinderella in the bag, it is worth $700 to $800. There is a whole bunch of fast-food toy collectors.”

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  1. I’m in contact with an individual who liquidates toy collections and wonder if anyone knows him. I’m reluctant to send my collection off without doing some homework. Art – Ken? Thanks – Bruce

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