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SAW II Movie Auction Makes a Killing

Wednesday February 8
Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
Realizes $220,000 So Far as SAW II DVD Releases

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 8, 2006–One of the most successful auctions in horror-movie history rolls on — Raybin Management’s online offering of props, costumes and autographed scripts from the hit-movie Saw II and its record-setting, award-winning predecessor, Saw.

“The best of the auction is coming in the next three weeks, timed to culminate with the DVD release of Saw II on February 14,” says John Raybin of Raybin Management, LLC, which is managing the auction through the web site and on eBay.

The Saw/Saw II auction and sale has already brought in more than $220,000 – just one more milestone for the Twisted Pictures/Lions Gate distributed Saw movies that cost a combined $4 million to make and to date have theatrically grossed more than $250 million worldwide.

Among the top prices realized so far:

– $14,800 for the famous venus fly trap prop that is so prominent in the opening scene of Saw II;
– $4,100 for the spiked and bloody baseball bat used in Saw II;
– $1,600 for the “X marks the spot” box from Saw.

Among the items still to come in the auction are:

– The famous puppet;
– The pig mask;
– The Saw cloak and gloves worn by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell);
– The shirt worn by Adam (Leigh Whannell) when he comes out of the tub in the beginning of Saw and finds that he’s in a subterranean bathroom;
– The “key and light” that went down the drain in the beginning of Saw;
– The Saw II gun contraption
– The bloody blouse worn by Laura (Beverly Mitchell);
– Amanda’s (Shawnee Smith’s) amazing green shirt;
– Jigsaw’s table and “sketches” from Saw II;
– Adam’s “last” shirt from Saw;
– Detective Eric Mathews’ (Donnie Wahlberg) tape recorder;
– The bloody saw from Saw II

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