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ECommerce-Guide gives an insightful look at book selling on eBay:

Selling Books Online: Book Listing Services vs. eBay – Pt. III

Why eBay Auctions? The Parallel Universe Paradox
By Frank Fortunato
September 29, 2005

An indication of the effectiveness of eBay book auctions is the participation of Alibris on the site. According to company CEO Marty Manley, Alibris keeps three separate eBay accounts, including a thriving rare and out of print account and a currently inactive account that has accrued over 100,000 feedbacks. In Manley’s opinion, eBay works because ‘buying and selling on eBay is entertaining – which is why eBay has customer frequency and dwell times that are the envy of all e-commerce sites.’ Add to this the huge worldwide user base ready to buy and sell, and you have a dynamic book market unique on the Internet.”

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