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Stuff of dreams, available on eBay

Sports memorabilia grows to $1 billion market

By Jill Tucker, STAFF WRITER
November 26, 2004

“On Thursday someone will spend more than $1 million to buy a baseball bat, maybe even as much as $5 million.
For one skinny stick of wood.
But Babe Ruth was holding that stick when he hit the first home run out of brand-new Yan-kee Stadium on opening day in 1923.

…While the Ruth bat is the Holy Grail of sports collectibles, the market for both high- and low-end items exceeds $1 billion when you add up player cards, autographs and game-used gear.”

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Warning: Be careful of auctions

October 29, 2004

More and more auctions pop up everyday, and while some have legitimate items to sell, a lot have some hard to authenticate items. Consumers need to do their homework to protect themselves.
…Sotheby’s will auction Babe Ruth’s first Yankee Stadium home run bat on Dec. 2.”

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