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A great two part article on making a living on eBay…

Welcome to the Jungle: The Two Sides of eBay (Part I)

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By Frank Fortunato
January 5, 2005

Is It Too Late to Get in the eBay Game?
eBay claims that 430,000 people earn a living on the site, mostly small business owners and individuals. Some veteran eBay sellers cast a doubtful eye on this figure, citing the fact (which eBay acknowledges) that many of these sellers also maintain brick and mortar stores and separate Web sites, thus only earning a part of their income on eBay.

“eBay does not offer promotional discounts or inducements without a reason. The reason here is that the stores lag far behind the auction venue in generating income. Sellers know it and eBay knows it.”

However, factoring in the many power sellers who hire full-time employees to post and maintain their hundreds of weekly auctions and enormous Stores, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people earning a living on eBay. This, along with the fact that there are virtually no entry barriers to selling on eBay, (a computer, credit card, scanner/digital camera will do it,) makes for serious competition that is growing in pace with the site’s overall expansion.”

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