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Losing cash in the trash
Arts & Antiques:
Published February 22, 2008

“Would you recognize something valuable if you saw it? Is there a special object with a sky high value sitting quietly in your living room or curio cabinet? Think not? Well, think again. From my experience, I have met many people who have overlooked their own valuable objects or unknowingly trashed a work of art, antique, and collectible.

…Some other examples of people have turned another person’s trash into their own cash include a San Diego landscaper who found a $6,900 Grueby pottery jar in the garbage; a San Franciscan who found a $14,100 Mission rattlesnake woven basket in a neighbor’s trash; and a man who found a $23,100 Bucks County, Penn. fraktur baptismal certificate from 1787 in a trash can, all benefitted from someone else’s loss.”

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