Last Updated on 12/28/2005 by bidz

Here’s another unique item up on eBay at the moment – own your own dinosaur. I had to edit the all cap description, but you’ll get the idea:

“Extremely rare, museum quality. Very high value. True T- Rex juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex partial skull fossil with rib in matrix. This is not a cast. It is a real USA juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skull fossil at fraction of its value to start.”

The seller is apparently a geologist (with lots of letters after his name), with an impeccable 100% feedback after 1353 transactions.

There’s one bid at US $295,000.00 with an hour to go, so it looks like that’s what it will probably end at. I didn’t know you could actually sell fossils like that…

UPDATE: 28 minutes to go, and it looks like the only bid was pulled (or retracted).