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Nice article that describes some of the currently best selling collectibles, and what might have some potential in the future:

Which way does the wind blow for hot collectibles?
Updated 8/18/2006
By John Waggoner, USA TODAY

“Next time you’re poking around Grandpa’s barn for antiques, try looking on the roof instead. Antique weather vanes are some of the hottest collectibles on the market.

But you don’t need a weather vane to know which way the wind is blowing in the collectibles market these days. Baseball bats, psychedelic posters and even Transformers toys are all hot items.”

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The article goes on to describe some “blue chip” examples such as antique furniture and sports memorabilia from the golden age of baseball. Original, antique weathervanes are mentioned as well.

Harry Rinker (host of Whatcha Got?) talks about how toys become hot collectibles, usually after 20 years from their production, when the people who grew up with them become nostalgic about their childhood.

Baby Boomers, for example are driving up the prices of space toys from the 1950’s, while the Gen-X’ers are keen on Transformers.

Other areas showing demand are:
– Old appliances from the 1970’s
– 1970’s baseball cards and sports memorabilia
– Posters from San Francisco’s Fillmore Ballroom

The article advises that for future potential speculation, look at what your kids are playing with now (like Bratz dolls), and pack away a few pristine examples. Tom Michael, co-editor of Coins and Currencies of the Middle East, mentions that the original The Most Wanted card deck issued to soldiers that the U.S. produced shortly after the invasion of Iraq might also have some potential.