Last Updated on 5/23/2006 by bidz

Sean Blanda over at has a post on some of things that are hard to push on eBay, citing his experience at a DropIt store. He specifically cites jewelry, computer monitors and printers, hand made items, antiques (I think he’s talking more of antique furniture) and record albums. If you’re buying these items though, you’re going to find some really great deals.

You can read his full post over here at

One person left a comment on his post, mentioning a book called FutureShop. The author, Daniel Nissanoff has a blog on Amazon and here’s a short quote from him on what it’s about: Daniel Nissanoff’s Blog
“FutureShop explores the way eBay and similar online exchanges, marketplaces and auction sites have begun slowly chipping away at our ethos as consumers, and how we are rapidly approaching a tipping point that is destined to deeply impact our consumer culture, and perhaps change it forever. FutureShop explores how, what and why we will buy in the future. It also examines what all this will mean for our economy and specifically, the companies that make the products that are traded on these sites.”