Last Updated on 8/7/2006 by bidz

eBay has published their hot list for July 2006 in PDF format – it’s a great tool for seeing what the latest trends are in the collectibles field (the report covers all the other selling categories as well).

You can download a full copy here >>

In the Collectibles category, the following are in the “Super Hot” category:

Comics: Golden Age (1938-55) – Romance
Comics: Silver Age (1956-69) – Cartoon Character
Comics: Silver Age (1956-69) – Movie, TV
Disneyana: Vintage (Pre-1968) – Jewelry
Historical Memorabilia: Fraternal Groups – Rotary
Historical Memorabilia: Police – Lights
Militaria: Militaria (Date Unknown) – Coast Guard
Science, Medical: Medicine, Dentistry – Quack Medicine
Trading Cards: Comic – VS System
Trading Cards: Comic – X-Men
Trading Cards: Sci-Fi, Fantasy – Charmed
Trading Cards: Sci-Fi, Fantasy – Harry Potter