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Limited releases are appreciated by fans (


“Limited print runs mean higher prices in the collectibles industry, but it also means there is a great chance of pulling cards that could be worth significant dollars down the road. If you are in this hobby for profit or just a collector, then 2004 Leaf Limited Baseball is for you.”

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Beyond their Reach

October 17,2004
Charlie Hall
The New Bern Sun Journal

“For Baby Boomers, collecting baseball cards meant gathering spare change and buying penny, nickel and dime packs — with not-so-chewy bubble gum.
Baseball card collecting is still going strong, but it’s not really for kids anymore.
“Baseball cards are the best product moving,” says Ron Kreckman, who has operated Sports Card Gallery and Collectibles in Havelock for nine years. “There is a lot of desire for Yankees, the Braves and the Mets.””

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