Forgotten Jerry Lewis Comic Book Cover

May 1, 2006 | Comic Books | 0 comments

This story from Scoop is just a nice nostalgic trip back to the early fifties, with a great synopsis of the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis dynamic:

Did you Know…?: Forgotten Jerry Lewis Cover?

Scoop, Friday, April 28, 2006

“Every comic fan alive loves a crossover. How about a hidden crossover appearance with two of DC’s funniest characters?

The crossover occurs on the cover of Buzzy #48. Famed comedian Jerry Lewis is seen on the TV screen as Buzzy tries his best to accommodate his girlfriend’s need for a clean TV signal.”

The story goes much deeper than just an abscure comic book cover, and gives a great summary of a hot partnership that only actually lasted until 1956 (yeh, I know – it’s way before most of your times – actually it was before my time – barely, but I grew up watching the old movies on TV).

Check out the story just to see who Jackie Gleason (come on, you know him…) thought would actually be the star of the two after the split…

Read the Full Story here >>

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