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Uncle Scrooge #21 cover. Art by Carl Barks.

Recently on March 26, 2009, Hakes auctioned 4 panels of Carl Barks, Uncle Scrooge original art for $5,750.00 (included a 15% Buyer’s Premium).

The description:
“19.25×24.25” frame contains 4-panel original pen and ink art for “Uncle Scrooge” #63 comic book. Art is done by beloved Duck artist Carl Barks and features Uncle Scrooge in all 4 panels, Donald Duck in first 2 as well as Beagle Boys in last panel, which also shows Huey. Directly below this panel, Barks has signed his name in black ink. “U.S. #63P.24” text at left of art indicates issue and page number art appeared on and also bears “copyright Walt Disney Productions. Reproduction Prohibited Without Written Permission” text. Art appeared in Apr., 1966 Gold Key “Uncle Scrooge” comic in the “House Of Haunts” storyline. Brass nameplate with “Uncle Scrooge Original Comic Book Page – Uncle Scrooge #63 Page 24 – House Of Haunts” text.”

View the completed auction here: Uncle Scrooge” #63 comic book art

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