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Heritage Comics reports on a new online service for pricing your comic book collectibles:

GPAnalysis story on Heritage Comics

“Never before has so much information regarding comics been available. After decades of operating in the dark, collectors and dealers are now faced with a new challenge: too much information. Accurately tracking online auction results these days is akin to taking on a second job. We are literally bombarded with more information than is possible to process in a 24 hour day…that is, until now.

Thanks to GPAnalysis, comic book collectors and dealers have a revolutionary new tool available to them. By tracking, recording, and averaging all online auction results, GPAnalysis does the work for you. Simply choose a title and issue number, and GPA will provide you with prior CGC certified auction results from Heritage, eBay, and other major venues, as well as the average price for each book in each grade. Want to know what a Fantastic Four #25 in 9.0 has been trading for? GPA can tell you. Want to know how much you can safely pay for an Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 9.4 condition? Piece of cake.”

From the GPAnalysis website itself:

GPA – GP Analysis – CGC-graded Comic Book Auction Capture & Analysis:
“Comic book collectors, investors and dealers now have a real-time reporting system providing invaluable market data on graded comic books.
GPAnalysis for CGC Comics enables comic traders to instantly determine current and past prices realized for specific books traded and graph each book’s performance. Never before have traders had the power to make such informed decisions on their comic investments.”

Another great site for doing online comic book pricing is, and we were impressed with the fact that they’re running a comprehensive database of over 400,000 comics.